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Why blog? Because effectively, what I’m looking for is a way to record ideas and thoughts into a searchable index. I used to have this dream that I would somehow be able to create a wiki or website that would topologically categorize all my thoughts into smaller and smaller subunits, until one day, when somebody was curious what I thought about, say, ironing ties, I would be able to quickly direct them to some form of navigation that would give an account of what types of ties ought to be ironed, how to iron them, a link of different tie styles and ways to tie them, and in general, a mishmash of sloppily focused ideas.

This dream has petered out into nothing — when it comes down to it, I have neither the skill nor the fastidious devotion to categorize my thoughts in such a manner. So hopefully, I will be able to generate at least one or two unique-ish ngrams per blog post so that one day, far far into the future, when I want to search for a particular idea, images, concept, song, poem, lyric, code snippet, philosophical treatise, tutorial, recipe, business model, review, product, bamboozle, or what have you, I will be able to locate it with relative ease.

Or, it’s possible that this is one of five posts that I will construct during this particular round of blogging. We’ll wait and see.


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